Son leaves people in stitches after sharing dad’s ‘petty’ sign celebrating his brother’s graduation

Son leaves people in stitches after sharing dad’s ‘petty’ sign celebrating his brother’s graduation

People were left in hysterics at the cheeky sign that the man erected outside the family home after his sons graduated from secondary school and university at the same time

A man went viral after sharing his dad’s ‘brutal’ signs he erected to celebrate his son’s achievements.

Justin Parappuram left people in stitches after sharing the photos – featuring the two boards his dad placed outside the family home after his boys graduated.

He joked: “My dad swears he doesn’t have a favourite”, alongside the photo, which features him and his brother posing in their graduation gowns.

Justin graduated from university, where he completed a degree in mechanical engineering, while his brother Ryan finished secondary school.

But Ryan was also crowned valedictorian – meaning he had the highest grades in his graduating class in high school.

Naturally, their dad was proud of his this – and referenced it on the card.

He also added to Justin’s: ‘NOT valedictorian’, just in case anyone needed that clearing up.

The signs left people in stitches, with many joking that his dad’s sense of humour was brutal.

One wrote: “Lmao he petty,” while another replied: “They couldn’t have written something different???? They literally insulted their child on a poster that the public can look at any time…”

Another joked: “But why did he have to capitalize the “not” like he didn’t want people to miss that fact.”

Others saw the funny side, with one adding: “I’m sure he doesn’t have a favourite, but he does have an excellent sense of humour. Congratulations to you and your brother.”

And Justin clarified he was also happy with the sign, as he tweeted: “I love both my dad and brother, this was all in good fun! I’m super proud of my brother, and I know he is proud of me, too.

“My dad couldn’t be more thrilled for the both of us and only printed this sign with my consent.”