Mum’s horror as delighted daughter, 6, comes home with haunting new toy

Mum’s horror as delighted daughter, 6, comes home with haunting new toy

When Jodie Lou sent her six-year-old daughter Skye to stay with her grandparents for the weekend, she knew they’d treat their granddaughter – but what she returned home with left her horrified

A mum has told of her horror after her six-year-old daughter brought home a new favourite toy that frightened the life out of her.

Jodie Lou’s daughter Skye went to visit her grandparents for the weekend, who took her shopping as a treat.

But when they sent Jodie a video of Skye’s new purchase, Jodie stopped in her tracks.

Of all the toys in the shop little Skye could have picked, she chose a skeleton with hollowed red eyes on a rocking horse.

When switched on, the skeleton starts to rock back and forth, while singing a bone-chilling song.

In the hilarious video of the creepy toy, the camera pans to Skye, who smiles at the camera while munching on chicken nuggets, proud as punch with her new purchase.

“Out of everything in that shop, she chose that thing. One minute she’s off looking at dangly earrings, and the next thing I know she’s come home with that.”

Laughing at her daughter’s fearlessness, she said: “I said it wasn’t coming into my house. I tried to lock the door when she brought it back.”

But headstrong Skye talked her mum around, and now the creepy ghoul sits on the fireplace – haunting Jodie every day.

“It’s like something out of a horror movie,” she joked. “I can imagine it coming into my room at bedtime.”

Since bringing the scary toy back home, Skye has been using it to her advantage to keep her sister Lexi, nine, and brother Roo, three, at bay.

“She turns it on to wind them up. When my mum asked her why she bought it, Skye said: ‘It’s to stop Roo coming into my bedroom’.

“Skye isn’t scared of anything. She’s the second child so nothing phases her. She likes to one up her sister and tells her ‘I’m braver than you’.

“She’s always sat down watching Goosebumps and other scary things whereas Lexi will run away.”

Jodie says her daughter’s strong will means she’ll stick up for people, and won’t let anyone mess with her or her loved ones.

Although Halloween is coming up, Skye’s hoping to convince her mum to keep the terrifying toy up all year round.

On October 31, Skye is preparing to dress up as a witch and head off Trick or Treating – but she’ll be spending the weekend with her grandparents once again.

Jodie laughed: “God knows what she’ll come home with next time.”